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rqNow you can own ORIGINAL ART from Robert Quackenbush's classic children's books HENRY'S AWFUL MISTAKE, HENRY BABYSITS, and HENRY GOES WEST. Scroll down HERE.

Better Homes and Gardens recommends a literary tour to "actual places and settings that inspired some of the great works of American literature" to include a visit to Robert Quackenbush's New York studio. Scroll down HERE

FILMS NEWS FLASH! The Miss Mallard Mysteries animated films (each called A Miss Mallard Mystery) based on the books by Robert Quackenbush are shown on television in over 70 countries and in 5 languages around the world. Scroll down.

DVD NEWS FLASH! Miss Mallard Mysteries animated films, based on Robert Quackenbush's popular ducktective series, are now available for the first time on DVD. Scroll down or click here.

ART NEWS FLASH! Over 100 new oils & watercolors by Robert Quackenbush since the events of 9/11 and its aftermanth are now on view at his studio. Robert Quackenbush's eagerly awaited series of Ducks on Stage, including the final painting in the series"Gods and Goddesses of Ducklympus." Also see new works by Robert Quackenbush to launch a new year in need of superheroes. Scroll down or click here.



The Miss Mallard Mysteries Animated Film Series ( © 2000-2001 Cinar Productions, 2004 Inc., a subsidiary of Cookie Jar Entertainment, Inc/Shanghai Animation Film Studio) premiered on Canada's Teletoon Network in English and French are shown in over 70 countries and in five languages around the world. In France, where the films are being shown on prime time television, Miss Mallard is subject of essays by university students and the toast of Paris. In China, Miss Mallard is the beloved duck of 25,000,000 children. There are 26 episodes. Running time is 30 minutes each. The films are based on the books listed in the series below.

Bicycle to Treachery / Surfboard to Peril / Texas Trail to Calamity / Dogsled to Dread / Danger in Tibet / Lost in the Amazon / Evil Under the Sea / Express Train to Trouble / Cable Car to Catastrophe / Dig to Disaster / Gondola to Danger / Stairway to Doom / Rickshaw to Horror / Taxi to Intrigue / Stage Door to Terror / Flamenco to Mischief / Miss Mallard's Case Book.

Miss Mallard's Case Book, listed above has10 mini-mysteries to solve with Miss Mallard. Thus, this book provided plots for 10 episodes in the film series. All other books in the list provided the stories for individual episodes.

Videotapes of the first 13 half-hour episodes of the Miss Mallard Mysteries film series are now available from Criterion Pictures (order #S002030) for schools and libraries in the U.S., with PP Rights for the life of the tapes. For orders and pricing information phone (416-252-4151), fax (416-251-3720), e-mail

NEW! Miss Mallard films on DVD!

Miss Mallard Rides to the Rescue

Miss Mallard Meets the Masters of Mischief

Includes these 6 episodes in English,
French, and Spanish:
Includes these 6 episodes in English,
French, and Spanish:
Taxi to Intrigue
Cable Car to Catastrophe
Express Train to Trouble
Whistle Stop to Fear
Footbridge to Jitters
Snowmobile to Panic

ISBN: 1-55444-0879-3

Rickshaw to Horror
Evil Under the Sea
Stage Door to Terror
Dogsled to Dread
Texas Trail to Calamity
Boulevard to Mayhem

ISBN: 1-55444-092-0

Item # DVDIG 15289 Item #: DVDIG 15409

Here are stories that stimulate children with simple problem-solving puzzles that increase learning skills. More than that, the stories encourage 5 to 12 year olds to analyze events and scrutinize characters that they can apply to their daily lives. That's why children can't get enough of mysteries and why they love the adventures of Miss Mallard and her nephew, Willard Widgeon of the Swiss Police. The world-famous ducktective and her nephew travel around the world encountering all kinds of fowl play. No detail is overlooked by Miss Mallard. There's never been a case she couldn't "quack."

These delightful DVDs are available for online rental at Netflix ( and for purchase by collectors from and other major online distributors.

art RQB




During our turbulent times in need of superheroes, Robert Quackenbush is at work on an exciting new series of works featuring superheroes - real and imaginary - rendered in postage stamps that are mounted on canvas board. Show below are six examples from the series:

Batman in Stamps
Superman in Stamps
Abraham Lincoln in Stamps
President Obama in Stamps
Amelia Earhart in Stamps
Sigmund Freud in Stamps


Edgar Allan Poe in Stamps

rqb recent paintings

Over 100 new oils and watercolors completed by Robert Quackenbush since 9/11 are now on view at this studio. On display is a large oil called The Living Tree (below, right), a tribute to youth and survival, oils and watercolors honoring New York City firemen, self-portraits, family portraits, student portraits, sketchbooks, and paintings from his travels to Europe, the Caribbean, Belize, Mexico, and Canada. When in New York, you are invited to visit his studio and see the collection. Appointments in advance may be set up via e-mail contact:

Better Homes and Gardens recommends a literary tour to Robert's Studio!

Recommended by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine: In an article on family travel, Better Homes and Gardens (August 2006) recommends ten "actual places and settings to visit that inspired some of the great works of American literature" from the boyhood homes of Dr. Seuss and Mark Twain to Robert Quackenbush's New York studio. The article says:

"Robert Quackenbush, best-selling author and illustrator of Henry's Awful Mistake, the Miss Mallard mystery series, and 200 other children's books, regularly hosts families at his art-filled studio in New York City. There, he gives readings, draws his book characters, and teaches workshops on illustrating and creating books. The visits are by appointment only, call 212-744-3822 or visit the author's Web site, for more information."


Robert Quackenbush's "Celebration"- the wedding of the artist's son,
Piet, to Teresa Ann Curley (click image for detail)

Robert Quackenbush's "The Living Tree"

Robert has been very busy in his studio!

A prolific artist unveils some remarkable new paintings



A preview showing of new paintings by Robert Quackenbush at his studio were reviewed by Ruth Bass in her column about New York art events for Art-Talk . Dr. Bass is also an important reviewer for Art News. She said in Art-Talk:

"Another important event was the show of recent oils and watercolors by Robert Quackenbush in his Manhattan studio. Quackenbush, a native son of Phoenix, is beloved by generations of children (and their parents) as the author-illustrator of the delightful Miss Mallard mystery series and at least 200 other books for small fry, as well as chapter books and illustrated classics for their older siblings. His work is in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution, the Whitney Museum of American Art and Mrs. Norton Simon."

"Central Park is a major presence in the new oils. In The Living Tree, children who are bathed in a lime-green halo of grass and sun play around a large tree. An image of the artist as a child rises, half-hidden, on the surface of the huge and ancient trunk. In another painting, New York firemen are picnicking in the park. In yet another, we see the solid and abiding forms of New York buildings glimpsed from a fifth-story ledge. Resilient and life-affirming, the works are Quackenbush's way of working through his continuing horror at the events of 9/11."

Robert Quackenbush is now at work in his studio on a series of paintings called "Ducks on Stage" that show ducks involved in human professions and play from acting to sports to building skycrapers to going to resorts for vacations. In all seriousness, the ducks are engaged in these activities against optical illustion backgrounds that reflect our uncertain and confusing times. These tongue-in-cheek paintings will be completed by January 2006. They are based on lessons from the artist's childhood and his parents saying that no matter how tough things are, as long as we keep our sense of humor our spirits cannot be crushed. The paintings will be displayed on this site upon completion.

Ducks on Stage

Robert Quackenbush has now completed the eagerly awaited series of 11" x 14" oils on canvas board titled Ducks on Stage. The eight paintings (displayed below) show ducks performing on stage various human activities from building a skyscraper to attending a wedding. The props on the stages of the ducks busy world are optical illusions that reflect our confusing and uncertain times. Some illusions are never-ending, such as the prop for Ducks on Stage: The Skateboarders.

Even so, there is rainbow or bright sunlight in the background to show that hope is ever present. The humorous paintings are based on lessons from the artist's childhood and his parents saying that no matter how tough things are as long as we keep our sense of humor our spirits cannot be crushed. Beneath the humor of the paintings are some moral lessons, too, as shown in the painting Ducks on Stage:The Opera in which the murder scene from Tosca is being enacted by ducks. Here for your viewing pleasure and thoughtful social and classroom discussions Robert Quackenbush is pleased to present Ducks on Stage:

Ducks on Stage: Quackenbush Follies

Ducks on Stage: The Resort

Ducks on Stage: The Construction Crew

Ducks on Stage: The Morning Workout

Ducks on Stage: The Skateboarders

Ducks on Stage: The Opera
Ducks on Stage: The Wedding
Ducks on Stage: The Circus

Ducks on Stage: Gods and Goddesses of Ducklympus

Ducks on Stage: Gods and Goddesses of Ducklympus (oil painting on canvas 4' x 3')

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